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Blue Star Service Group, Inc. maximizes the return on asset recovery for its customers by utilizing diversified distribution channels.

Our inventory includes all kinds of refurbished products, including high-end, late-model factory-refurbished items and much more. Through our national dealer network, we have a solid reputation for offering the most competitive prices. With our company's veteran sales management and key staff, we have established relationships with a vast number of computer dealers and third party maintenance companies, primarily in the secondary market, who seek reconditioned or hard-to-find, out-of-production computer hardware, peripherals and parts.

With contacts in Europe, India, China, Australia, Mexico, Central and South America, Blue Star Service Group, Inc. is strategically positioned to take advantage of the need for large quantities of outdated (by U.S. standards) refurbished computer systems and parts outside the United States.


We offer a corporate employee sales program through which the equipment we refurbish for you is offered for sale exclusively to your employees.

After your corporation's equipment is refurbished, we provide a password-protected page on our Internet site where only your employees have the ability to view the list of your equipment, allowing them the first opportunity of buying the refurbished product. Your employees can order on the Internet or over the telephone by calling 510.259.1879. This is a plus for companies; because your employees have the opportunity of buying your product, but it is at no risk to you should there be a problem. We offer Warranty on the items Sold to your employees.

Another important concern is that companies need not worry about sensitive data that may be on the hard drive. Blue Star Service Group, Inc. completely removes all data from hard drives using our DOD software for more information on this service please click here.

We understand the need of some customers to have proprietary equipment and data destroyed. As an example of our total commitment to these customers we have offices available onsite for customers to witness the destruction of their product.


We have the capability to completely destroy any type of product from a main frame computer to a single IC. Customers who want to protect secret information, proprietary products, reject parts, etc., from ending up back in the market place can be confident of destruction with our service.

Software is sent through our shredders for complete destruction.

3. Erasing Sensitive data
We have the capability of erasing sensitive data
We guarantee nothing will go in the Landfill!
off your hard drives and wiping them clean using our software that is DOD approved. For more information on Erasing data off your hard drives, click here

If destruction is not the desired action, we can process your equipment in accordance with any procedure you specify. Many companies require this Certificate as proof that material received by us for "Certified Destruction" is in fact destroyed. This Certificate is your guarantee that all material is recycled by environmentally sound methods and EPA standards. The accounting method used for the Certificate of Destruction is based on the weight of the material received and destroyed.
For more information, please contact us at Or call us


Blue Star Service Group, Inc. is always seeking excess and overstock inventories from your corporation. If you are looking to sell your inventory or requesting a bid please click on the Request for Quote and we will respond with our offer. If you prefer to fax your request please fax it to 408-327-0907.

No qty is too small or too large, if you have a great offer, we will most likely take it.


When you are running a business, time is money. And you don't have time to waste.Blue Star Service Group, Inc.picks up and delivers your scrap whether it is for recycling, re-marketing or resale. With our "on the spot" Service, We can arrange to pick up your discards with 48 hours of notification of shipment within our local areas.
We also can arrange Pick up of equipment anywhere in the United States. For more information Contact our Sales department at or call

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At Blue Star Service Group, Inc. we solve your problem with your unwanted, out-of-date, out-of-use and non-functional electronic equipment. We recycle many types of electronic material and equipment, this is to include but not limited to computers of all types (PC?s, lap tops, servers), monitors, hubs, routers, printers, copy machine, fax machines, telephones, cellular phone, components, test equipment, power supplies and various other types of equipment containing metals and plastics. Listed below are their recycling values.

Pc and server Chassis / Case = metals and plastic
Lap top = metals, circuit board, plastic and glass
Power supply = metals, circuit board and plastic
Hard drive = aluminum and other metals, circuit board
Floppy & CD Rom drives = metals, circuit board and plastic
Motherboard & expansion cards = circuit board
Printer = metals, circuit board and plastic
Keyboard & mouse = metals, circuit board and plastic
Test equipment = metals, circuit board, plastic and glass
Copy machines = metals, circuit board and plastic
Fax machines = metals, circuit board and plastic
Routers = metals, circuit board and plastic
Hubs = metals, circuit board and plastic
Telephones and Cellular phone = metals, circuit board and plastic, glass


As electronic scrap, the above material is processed through means of melting, smelting, refining and grinding. The material is separated into base metals, printed circuit boards and non-metallic (plastics) for recycling. Base and non-metallic metals are melted, refined and upgraded for reuse as raw material. Metals such as aluminum, copper, brass and other metals are smelted into ingots, rods, wire and coils for reuse. Printed circuit boards, integrated circuits and other components are also melted down to recover precious metals (gold, silver, palladium etc.). Non-metallic plastics are grinded and palletized for reuse. The overall outcome results in new metals and plastics produced from these raw materials continuing the recycling cycle. The processing methods are labor intensive and they use a combination of manual and machine labor to maximize efficiency.



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