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How do I arrange a pickup?

Complete the Asset Pickup Request Form online (click here) or contact us. Be sure to provide as much detail about the pickup as possible, paying particular attention to the number of assets or skids that will be transported. That will help us determine the size of truck that will be dispatched to the pickup location. Once we receive an asset pickup request, we will schedule the pickup within one business day.


What types of equipment do you pick up?

All types of electronic equipment.

Computer Systems Components (all types)
Monitors Keyboards and Mice
Printers Power Supplies
Circuit Boards Media - All Types
Data storage units- all types Sun//Cisco/SGI Equipment
All types of Test Equipment Raw Metals and Materials
Proprietary Equipment Semiconductor Equipment


How can I check the status of a pick up or get copies of my reporting?

Both pick up status and reporting are provided to you directly as updates are available on line or Via USPS. Please call us at 408-327-0901 for more details.


How do you assure data security?

Using the standard Blue Star Service Group, Inc. approach, the personal computers, servers, and workstations that pass testing immediately have their hard drives cleansed of corporate data and software through our US Department of Defense Approved Software.
Our Software program:
1. Listed as an Approved Disk Sanitizing Tool by the U.S. Department of Defense.
2. Supports any size hard drive and any format. Such as (IDE, SCSI, SATA et.).
3. Contains optional command line parameters that enable the user to run the program from a DOS batch file.
4. Permanently erases operating systems, program files, and your data.
5. Erases ALL data from your physical drive.
6. Erases all partition tables and drive formats - FAT16, FAT32, NTFS, and Linux.
7. Verifies that your data has been erased.
8. Feature to display specified sectors on the drive.
9. Constructs a database of overwritten drives that can be imported into Microsoft Access?and Excel?


What do you do with proprietary materials?

We have the ability and expertise to:

• Permanently destroy your computerized data by simply running your hard drive(s) through our hard drive shredder.
• Shred your hard drive(s) eliminating any chance of your critical/ personal data from getting into the wrong hands.
Click here for more info.


What remarketing services does Blue Star Service Group, Inc. offer?

Blue Star Service Group, Inc. offers our clients the flexibility of choosing which plan best suits their needs for IT asset disposition:
• A Consignment program, in which assets are consigned to Blue Star and the majority of the sales proceeds are returned to the client, or
• A program, in which a set value for each asset is returned to the client.


What is your environmental policy?

We are a responsible recycler fully dedicated to a healthy environment for all of us. Blue Star Service Group, Inc. has zero-landfill policy. We fulfill our customers’ requirements through strict regulatory compliance.
We communicate our environmental policies to our employees and to our vendors. Our recycling partners are required to support sound environmental practices in their operations.




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