Bluestar Company

Blue Star Service Group, Inc., Inc.

Blue Star Service Group, Inc. is a full service asset management, reclamation and recycling company; providing resale, recycling and end of life programs for electronic equipment and components. This means that we are much more than a "Scrap Dealer" who buys old equipment by the pound for its metal content.

We work with our customers to identify the greater value that is locked up in older equipment and components, destroying proprietary boards, circuits and drives, while reselling non-proprietary components and equipment, so that our customers and we can realize a profit in this resale.


 Disk Drive Shredding

Your sold, donated or discarded computer could cost you
thousands! Formatting your hard drive DOES NOT erase your

Don't give away your personal information with your old PC. Over the past five years, one in four
households was victimized by identity theft. If you do not erase your personal information before
selling or donating your computer, your personal identity or company trade secrets could be stolen
and used against you. Deleting a file, partitioning a disk, or formatting a hard drive will not erase
your data. We can securely overwrite and remove ALL of your information giving you the peace of
mind you deserve.

We have the ability and expertise to:

• Permanently destroy your computerized data by simply running your hard drive(s) through our
hard drive shredder.
• Shred your hard drive(s) eliminating any chance of your critical/ personal data from getting into
the wrong hands.
• Totally eradicate your data and supply you with a certificate of destruction for your peace of mind.



We are responsible recyclers fully dedicated to a healthy environment.  We meet and exceed regulatory standards around the globe.

Recycling can realistically reduce the amount of municipal solid waste by approximately 25 percent. Recycling also conserves natural resources and energy. Your company can recycle in other ways, too.

Let us do the legwork and turn your unwanted, old and excess equipment into a tax-deductible write-off by providing schools and other charitable institutions with refurbished equipment. We will inventory your equipment, provide you with a complete accounting and donate your goods to charity.

When we say full-service, we mean full service.Blue Star Service Group, Inc., Inc. has a high-security facility to store your electronic scrap or unwanted equipment. Whether your goal is recycling or remarketing, we can handle your storage needs.

Applicable EPCRA Targeted Constituents and CAS Numbers: Copper (CAS: 7440-50-8), Gold (CAS: 7440-57-5), Lead (CAS: 7439-92-1), Mercury (CAS: 7439-97-6), Platinum (CAS: 7440-06-4), and Silver (CAS: 7440-22-4)


Blue Star Service Group, Inc., Inc. maximizes the return on asset recovery for its customers by utilizing diversified distribution channels.

Our inventory includes all kinds of refurbished products, including high-end, late-model factory-refurbished items and much more. Through our national dealer network, we have a solid reputation for offering the most competitive prices. With our company's veteran sales management and key staff, we have established relationships with a vast number of computer dealers and third party maintenance companies, primarily in the secondary market, who seek reconditioned or hard-to-find, out-of-production computer hardware, peripherals and parts.

With contacts in Europe, India, China, Australia, Mexico, Central and South America, Blue Star Service Group, Inc., Inc. is strategically positioned to take advantage of the need for large quantities of outdated (by U.S. standards) refurbished computer systems and parts outside the United States.