IT Asset Disposition (ITAD) refers to the process of disposing of obsolete or unwanted information technology (IT) assets in a secure and environmentally responsible manner. ITAD involves the removal of sensitive data, the refurbishment or reuse of equipment, and the proper recycling or disposal of equipment that cannot be reused.

ITAD is important for organizations because it helps ensure secure data destruction and proper disposal of electronic waste. Without ITAD, organizations run the risk of data breaches and environmental damage. Proper ITAD practices can also help organizations save money by recovering value from used equipment that can be resold or donated.

Overall, ITAD is a critical process for organizations that want to protect their sensitive data, minimize their environmental impact, and optimize their IT infrastructure.

Decommission your IT assets and outdated data center equipment. Most customers prefer to do this themselves. However, if this proves to be unfeasible, we have qualified professionals who can complete this critical work.

Inventory your IT equipment. We safely and securely inventory all equipment and provide comprehensive information on all devices after processing.

You will be provided a login to our IMS system, which will allow you to access all reports online. These reports include all commodities produced from assets that aren’t resaleable.

Wipe all your data storage hard drives, hard drives, devices, and data-bearing equipment to DoD standards. Every memory address on each disc is overwritten three times, with the last pass writing a zero. After that, we conduct a ‘Checksum’ to ensure that each address is a zero. 

Provide certifications of destruction or recycling for your IT equipment, as well as data deletion.

Log and Track your IT assets. The weights of each product, their value, and which of our downstream processors they were transported to if they were recycled. To final disposition.

Test, grade, repair & refurbish your IT assets. We have developed two-decade-long partnerships with clients that trust us to thoroughly inspect every piece of equipment. You may even examine specific test requirements for all equipment using your IMS login.

  IT assets and equipment won’t remain functional forever. Without proper decommission and disposal you leave your organization open to all kinds of risks like:

– Violation of your client and customer privacy
– Negative impact on your business’s reputation
– Government fines and penalties

With a proper services program in place, you mitigate all of these risks, while giving your organization peace of mind. An ITAD program will help to improve data and hardware security and destruction, while ensuring a proper chain of custody through every step.

Our IT asset disposition services are designed to help you completely destroy any legacy data and hardware, via processes like shredding, sanitization, decommissioning, responsible recycling, and even redeployment of technology assets–all while reducing environmental impact.

Data and equipment security is at the forefront of most IT teams minds. However, this same thinking must extend into IT assets and equipment that are no longer useful.

By implementing a secure disposal and IT asset management plan your organization will remain in compliance with government regulations and keep your business reputation intact.

By choosing a quality asset disposition provider you help your organization remain complaint, safely dispose of outdated equipment and client data, and even recover your original investment with a value recovery program.

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