We all know that the number one priority of every company considering electronics recycling is the destruction of all data. Failure to destroy data is a serious breach of confidentiality and will almost certainly lead to financial liability and legal consequences.


In the case of very sensitive data we will SHRED or CRUSH your drives onsite or at our secure facility.


We complete a 4-Step Data Wipe on all data bearing devices as a standard practice. We take on full legal responsibility for the drives the moment they have been collected. Once they are thoroughly wiped and tested, some drives may be available for resale and any revenue can be shared back to the customer.

In addition, Blue Star Services Group. can provide the data destruction for paper files, CDs, magnetic drives, mobile storage devices, and zip drives.

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First Pass

All of the data in each sector is replaced by a character

Third Pass

Each memory address on the dard drive is filled with zeros

Second Pass

Each character is replaced by its complement

Fourth Pass

Each memory address on the hard drive completes a zero sum check

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